New Couple Alert?! Kyrie Irving and Kehlani Let Us Know It’s Real on Instagram! (Photos)

Sorry fellas, but ya girl Kehlani is officially off the market, and it looks like she done went out and found herself a baller literally — Cleveland Cavaliers’ all-star point guard Kyrie Irving!

Rumors had began swirling around about these two after the 20-year-old singer took to her Instagram account with a few very subliminal pics…

Here, she’s pictured in the studio doing work while checking out (her boo’s squad) the Cleveland Cavaliers play with the photo captioned, “Multitasking.” Awwww.

Then there’s another photo of Kehlani rocking her man’s kicks — the Kyrie 2’s!

Okay, Kehlani! You better support your lowkey bae…

But before the rumors got too far outta hand, both Kyrie and Kehlani — awww again 🙂 — took to their Instagram accounts to let everybody and they mama know it’s indeed real:

Gosh, I wish I could stop saying it but y’all already know what’s coming — awwwww.

Definitely never would’ve expected these two to wind up together initially, but hey they look super cute and happy so more power to y’all!

What y’all think though — cute? or ehhhhh? Lemme know!


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