My Thoughts on Social Media Sensation Cardi B…

It all started with posting a couple of Twitter and Instagram videos — then landing a role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York — and now quickly becoming a household name in today’s culture.

Yup. I’m talking about the evolution of social media sensation Cardi B.

This chick is a hot mess — it’s no way around it. She’s loud. She’s crazy. She’s obnoxious.

But is that really all there is to her? I think not.

People can say what they want — but honestly, I can’t help but to rock with Cardi B. because it’s something that she brings to the table that I just don’t see too often in the media industry anymore — shawty keeps it all the way real.

Cardi isn’t ashamed of who she is and where she comes from. The Bronx native will be the first to tell you that stripping saved her life, she’s gotten into hella fights, and she relates to just about every hood b-tch out there trying to get it.

You may not like it. But you have no choice but to respect it.

I also rock with Cardi because not only does she stand in her truth, but she also encourages young girls to not make the same mistakes she did. She doesn’t make her struggles in life sound “cool,” “fun,” or “appealing.”

She isn’t afraid to admit that she wishes she went to college instead.

I truly respect that.

Lastly, I respect Cardi B. because she’s single-handedly turned “being yourself” into a full-out hustle!

Shortie’s currently slaying her role on Love & Hip Hop: New York , she’s dropping music, offering apparel, setting trends and so much more!

She’s investing in herself and making true boss moves.

Yeah, Cardi B.’s crazy but she’s doing a damn good job of taking that same crazy to a whole new level…

Ain’t too many chicks out here that can do that.



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