Why Focusing on The ‘Why’ In Life Is SO Much More Important Than The ‘What’?

Kicking off the first day of my spring semester was not an easy task today y’all — I wasn’t ready to jump back into this irritating school work, walk from class to class in this freezing cold ass weather, and when I tell you I was honestly crying real tears while getting dressed this morning — I seriously mean it.

giphy (3)

Transitioning back to the grind is hard — and while I was stomping my way to my 9:30am class, I told my Mama Goonie (aka my Mommy…don’t judge me. Lol.) “I’m at the point in my life where I’m just like ‘Why?’ Why am I still in school — getting up all early and going to all these classes? Like, Why?”

My Mama Goonie’s answer was simple: “‘Because you’re trying to go far in life…”

Her answer instantly put things in perspective for me — and it made me remember that the ‘why’ is indeed always more important than the ‘what’ in life.

Often times, people just find themselves just doing stuff in life — just for the hell of it.

No logical reason behind it. No inspiration. No motivation. No nothing…

Just doing stuff — and a lot of times this easily translates into their overall results.

Don’t be that person who easily falls into focusing on the ‘what’ — be the person who’s dedicated to focusing on the ‘why.’

Why am I in school right now?

Because I have dreams. I have aspirations. Because I’m young and I don’t have it all quite figured out yet, and hopefully college will help me do that. Because I’m fortunate enough to have a family that can provide me with a chance at a college education and they wanna see their baby get that degree. Because I wanna meet dope people and make lasting, dope connections. Because I want to mold my talent and passions into a full-out craft and career for myself. Because there’s honestly just a few more life lessons out there that I truly needa learn before entering the “real world”….

The list goes on.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘what’ that you’re doing — but the ‘why’ is what keeps you motivated, encouraged, inspired, and driven.

Why do you do what you do?

Trust me, it’s probably one of the most promising and fulfilling questions you can ever sit back and answer boo….


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