Why ‘Birth of A Nation’ Actor Nate Parker is This Week’s #MeaningfulCrushMonday

Definitely wanted to put a lil twist on the hit Instagram hashtag #ManCrushMonday, ladies.

Instead of just spotlighting any dude out here that just happens to be fine, I wanna shine light on men out here that happen to be fine while doing something positive and/or making a big difference in our community (that’s that real man crush material) which led me to creating #MeaningfulCrushMonday.

So here we go!

You might remember actor Nate Parker from his bomb roles in The Great Debators and Beyond the Lights — but Nate is this week’s #MeaningfulCrushMonday for his latest project Birth of a Nation.

In case you missed it — Birth of A Nation recently dominated the Sundance Film Festival and was bought out by Fox Searchlight for a whopping $17.5 million!

Says a lot for first-time film-maker, Nate, who not only starred in his own movie but also dedicated seven years of his life to raising the proper finances and fighting tooth and nail for the film to be made…

At one point he even told his agents he refused to work as an actor until the project was financed. Wow.

The movie is based on the life of Nat Turner — an African-American slave who led one of the biggest slave rebellions in Southampton County, Virginia.

When discussing his project — Nate said:

I want people to be encouraged to challenge systems that are oppressive in their everyday life … I will stand in front of [this film] and scream to the mountaintops that it is something that can change the conversation with respect to race relationships in America …

Gosh. The dedication, the intellect, the drive, the faith, the resilience, the passion — it really doesn’t get any sexier than that ladies.

Making me happy to dub Nate my very first #MeaningfulCrushMonday…

Definitely can’t wait to see and support this film — you go boy! *Gina voice*


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