That Hella Awkward Moment You Realize Life’s About to Get Really REAL

As I’m gradually getting settled into this last semester of my junior year in college — it’s finally hitting me that — it’s really about to get real.

It feels as if so many different things are happening in my life all at once, I have so much to do with such little time, and I’ve got a lot of big moves I have to make this year.

I know this may sound hella corny, but I’m literally basking in my transition to complete womanhood right now…

And I’m not going to lie — I am scared as HELL!

I’m the type of person who just has to have it all together in life all the time, and right now — I don’t.

But I know it’s super important that I accept B.Nicki ain’t got all the answers…and that’s actually okay.

And even more importantly, I can’t let my fear of the unknown discourage me, intimidate me, or slow me down.

Now is the time to throw my hustle, grind, and faith into full overdrive.

No second-guessing. No wondering. No looking back.

Just action….

One boss lady move at a time.

*takes long, deep breath and proceeds to flip hair*


2 thoughts on “That Hella Awkward Moment You Realize Life’s About to Get Really REAL

  1. Moose and Michelle says:

    I’m in the last couple of quarters of my [super-]senior year and I’m SCARED AS HELL, TOO. Oof, the pressure to get a job that isn’t minimum wage or just bagging products is tremendous. But we keep fighting the good fight, eh? One step at a time and all that cliched crap. *sigh* Best of luck to your new phase!


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