Why Panthers QB Cam Newton is STILL This Week’s #MeaningfulCrushMonday

As many of you all know — the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers faced off last night for this year’s Super Bowl…

And although it was a hard-fought matchup — the Panthers ultimately came up short and the Broncos ended up taking home the Super Bowl win.

As bad as I (and lets just be real, the rest of the black community) wanted Cam Newton to come out on top and win this championship — I can’t help but still be proud of this young amazing black man.

He played his hardest and definitely tried his best to make something outta nothing — ’cause laaawwwd the Broncos defense last night was on point.

And besides that — Cam has truly transformed into a go-to hero within black culture!

With his undeniable confidence and leadership, contagiously joyous personality, his endless love for the game and his fans, and his mean swagger on and off the field — DAB! — he embodies everything a role model should be.

So this week’s #MeaningfulCrushMonday goes to you, Cam.

Please keep your head up — you’ve made us so proud in more ways than one.

It’s more than just a Super Bowl game, you’re busy out here doing something even better — setting a great example for our young black men and boys.


For that, we thank you.


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