The REAL Reason Folks Keep Fueling the Fire to This Future and Ciara Beef

First off. What Future and Ciara are going through right now — I don’t wish on any couple that once was in love with one another — especially those who share a child…

After Future talked non-stop mess about CiCi in the media — Ciara’s finally decided to sue ’em for $15 million for defamation of character and slander.

It’s honestly a shame that it’s gotten this bad between them, but this whole ordeal’s really made me wonder — why are people going so hard and are so obsessed with this whole Future vs. Ciara situation?!

Literally everyone has an opinion about it — and it seems like it’s dudes the most right now!

Most dudes are “siding” with Future while of course, most girls are supporting Ciara. And folks are always coming for poor Russell Wilson — Ciara’s new man.

But why?

Honestly I truly believe it’s just ’cause Future and Ciara’s situation is so damn relatable.

I mean — Ciara did what mostly all of us girls have done at least once — dated a f—boy.


And the way our society’s currently set up — there are a lot more f—boys running around out here just like Future’s dumb ass. Ratchet. Disrespectful. Cheating. All of that.

And these types of dudes just can’t take the fact that Ciara’s not only moved on — but she’s moved on to a better dude — just like they can’t deal with this in real life either!

The 2015 ESPYS - Backstage And Audience

So for all of y’all dudes out here bashing Ciara because she’s found someone better than Future — one of today’s biggest f—boys in America — HAVE A DAMN SEAT and quit thinking that mimicking that mess is cute.

Cause it AIN’T!

And I don’t give a damn how much Future, Wiz, and Kanye’s simple asses try to make it seem like it is.

It’s disrespectful, ignorant, and makes y’all look bitter af!

riri (1)

But Ciara, I’m proud of you for breaking the cycle and not going back to what hurt you — you chose to do better.

And people can say what they want but we all can see it…it’s written all over you, hun!

You’re glowing, smiling, and looking more stunning than ever before.

And that’s only due to one thing — you are truly happy.

It’s honestly sad you had to take the measures you did, but keep doing what’s best for you and baby Future, CiCi…

We got your back out here girl!


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