#MajorKey Understanding Everyone Won’t Get Your Vision…And That’s Okay

Hey loves!

Soooooo it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on the site — please forgive me for this y’all.

This college life is currently kicking my lil boo-tay to say the least….

(Feel free to leave uplifting prayers and scriptures in the comments below y’all. Yes, Lordt.)

But throughout all the madness, I’ve been more motivated and inspired than ever to talk to y’all about what I’ve been dealing with all this past week — people not understanding and/or supporting your vision.

I just wanted to share my advice on this because this can be a very discouraging thing…if you let it.

No matter what idea or vision you may have in life — it will always be a point when you come across someone or some folks who doesn’t understand, support, or believe in what you’re trying to accomplish…

And that’s really okay.

Here’s why:

They’ll offer a new perspective. 

Lets face it, support is great but nobody wants a bunch of YES men around all the time. It’s the ones that are skeptical, doubtful, or unsure of your vision that are gonna give it to you straight — and possibly even offer you a new perspective that you may have never tapped into on your own.

You ain’t gotta run with their opinion, but most definitely take it into consideration.

Ask questions — see why they feel the way they feel, find out why they don’t understand your vision or feel it may not work.

They may end up surprising you and dropping a whole new piece of knowledge that you can simply add to your existing idea — making it that much better!

Thank you, hater!!!

And plus, they’ll motivate you to go harder.

There’s nothing like somebody telling you that you can’t do something, or that you just might fail, or your vision won’t go far…

Wooh! If that ain’t enough motivation for ya to grind even harder than you already were — then I really don’t know what is.

Embrace the shade, the hate, the doubt — that is what’s gonna push you to keep grinding till you make those dreams of yours a reality one day.

So the next time you’re thinking about giving up…or stuck wondering why you’re even still doing this — those are the people you need to think about.

And I bet you, you’ll keep pushing.

And it’ll make winning in the end that much sweeter!

So, whatever y’all are pursuing in life — please don’t give up, keep workin’ hard, and understand that everyone will not get your vision…and that’s okay…

Because it is just that: your vision. Not anyone else’s…

As long as you believe in what you can do — everything else will just fall into place.

Don’t let up!!!



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