Must See! A Few BOMB Lessons to Take Away From Rihanna’s New ‘Work’ Video

Oh Rihanna. You’ve managed to slay all of our lives once again, darling.

In case you missed it — Rih’s finally dropped her long-awaited visual for Work and it’s literally everything we were wanting plus more. You’ll see nothing but fun dancehall vibes — plenty of turn up, lots of uniquely dope fits and of course — wining for days

It was definitely cool to see Rihanna back in her element — basking in her island gal roots.

And the best part about it is — there’s a whole ‘nother part to it!

Yup, I kid you not — Rih blessed us with a part two…

Now although it isn’t half as turnt up as the first video — her and Drake still look hella bomb together in it so hey, we can’t really complain…

Check it all out below:

Now to be completely real — I’ve never really been the biggest fan of Rihanna growing up. I’ve never been obsessed with her in any way. I’m not a part of the Rih Navy. None of that…

But after peeping this video, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with some of the qualities Rihanna effortlessly possesses — and I think these are all some things every dope woman should add to her arsenal too.

So, lets get into it:

The second she stepped out the whip rockin’ that Cam’ron-style pink fur coat — we all knew what time it was!


Rih. was. about. to. shut. ish. down.

But the funny thing about it is — she isn’t even all over-the-top with it in her video.

Everything she does is so simple and so effortless — she’s flashing smiles, slow wining, twerking to the beat like what mostly all of us ladies do when we’re out at a party…

But there’s one thing that definitely separates Rih from all the rest — she oozes confidence in every single move she makes.

It has nothing to do with her physical attributes — how big her breasts are, how large her butt is, if she has long or short hair — it’s all about her confidence.

With just this — she captures your attention, lures you in, and once she does that — it’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of her.

Ladies, lets learn to be as confident as Rihanna is.

Own who you are — whether your frame is petite, curvy, or slim thick like Rih’s. Whether you have a soft cinnamon-colored complexion or a warm chocolatey tone. Whether you have a naturally tight-coiled afro or long bone-straight hair flowing down your back…

It’s all you and it’s all beautiful — own it!

And just like Drake — all the other guys out here will not only notice it but they won’t be able to resist it either.


Now moving on…

Rihanna is in full control of her mind, body, & spirit. 

Rih is so in control of herself that it’s honestly ridiculous. Just run it back to when she was dancing in front of the mirror, staring at her own reflection as she dances to her track.

She’s so in tune with her curves, her movements, her expression, and her own feminine being…


And that is soooo freakin’ sexy.

Y’all, I’m not gonna lie — Drake wasn’t the only one sitting there mesmerized, I definitely was too. Just being real. *shrugs*

It’s honestly just so amazing and refreshing to see a beautiful black woman so cool with herself and her sexuality…

Ladies, lets not be afraid to do the same!

Lets stop shying away from owning and being in charge of our own sexuality — because that’s what society wants to see happen.

They don’t wanna see us be boss chicks, they don’t wanna see us doing us *DJ Khaled voice*

For ages, there’s been so many labels thrown on us like hoe, thot, slut, tramp, etc. — but you know what, bump that! Do you!!

As long as you keep it sexy, and never messy — you are in the clear!

So girl, the next time you’re at a party and you wanna clap it down, twerk till it hurts, or wine till you can’t wine anymore like Rih — go for it!

I promise you, this doesn’t make you any less of an amazing woman than you already are — celebrate your curves, your beauty, your femininity, and your control.

It’s what makes you the dope woman you are, do you boo!


Rihanna knows how to have fun, and lives life HER way. 

Now I know this may sound super simple, but having fun goes a longggg way.

As I mentioned before, there’s really so many unnecessary labels and standards and expectations *rolls eyes* already placed on us as women that I think it confines us far more than men to feeling like we have to live our lives a certain way to avoid eternal judgement, ridicule, and damnation. *rolls eyes AGAIN*

But lets not forget — it’s our lives and we have the right to let go and have fun just as much as anyone else.

So lets not be afraid to loosen up, set our own rules, and follow our own individual paths.

We are women — one of the most beautiful creations to ever touch this Earth, and the power in simply our presence is absolutely endless.

Don’t believe me? Just press play on Rihanna’s Work video again and see for yourself…



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