My Top 5 Go-To Natural Hair Items!

Hey loves!

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about what products I use in my hair so I felt it was only right that I give you all the scoop on what exactly I put in my hair to get my curls POPPIN’!

Here we go:

product11. As I Am Coconut Co-Wash

Y’all, when I say this is my curly hair staple — I really mean it. I came across this product about two years ago, fell in absolute love with it, and I’ve been rockin’ with it ever since.

If you’re not hip to co-wash products — I’d like to consider a co-wash as just a milder form of shampoo. Although both products cleanse hair, many shampoos out here are extremely harsh on hair — and strip it of its natural (and necessary) oil, but co-wash products do the same cleansing while retaining your hair’s moisture.

I wash my hair with this and my hair literally eats it up every single time — it smells great, softens my hair, makes it easier to detangle, and it leaves my hair feeling clean but still feeling really moisturized.

It’s literally a MUST!

product 2

2. Wide-Tooth Comb

Now although this isn’t necessarily a product, it’s an item that I definitely have to have in my life in order to get through this thick and colored hair of mine.

If you do decide to use a comb to detangle your hair — wide-tooth is definitely the best way to go because it’s not as harsh on the curls and can still get those extra knotty knots out.

I always comb my hair in sections (at least four) and I always start combing at the ends of my hair then work my way up — to avoid creating frizz and split ends.

Take your time combing.

And always try to put some type of conditioner on your hair while combing so you won’t make direct contact with your curls as much; it’ll serve as a protectant in a way.

product 3

3. Deva Curl One Condition Daily Conditioner

Definitely my favorite leave-in conditioner because this also smells great, it’s creamy texture adds a great amount of moisture to my curls, and it also provides a good hold for whatever style I end up doing with my hair — wash n go’s, braid-outs, twist outs, etc.

With this conditioner, I can usually stretch my styles/wash n go’s out for about 5-7 days then I’ll co-wash and repeat.


4. As I Am Smoothing Gel

You definitely can’t go wrong with using the As I Am product line in my opinion, I love the smoothing gel almost just as much as I love the co-wash!

This smoothing gel is perfect to me because it rarely ever leaves the front part of my hair or my edges looking flaky. And I can NOT stand flaky hair, OKAY!

It smooths my hair down very nicely and always leaves my edges looking LAID no matter the occasion….

This product plus a silk scarf is a lethal combination, ladies. I PROMISE you!

product 4

5. Coconut Oil 

Now that I have colored highlights — my hair is begging for moisture more than ever.

Whenever I need that extra Umph! — I just rub some coconut oil through my hair and scalp and it always does the trick. I also use the oil to seal my wash n go’s and also take down any styles (braid outs, perm-rod sets, etc.) that I may do.

It adds the additional moisture I need to my curls and it literally smells AMAZING!!

Welp, those are my top 5 go-to hair items loves!!

I hope these products help you all out with your natural hair — but if they don’t, just remember what works best for one curly girl doesn’t always work best for the other.

The only way you’ll know what works best for you is if you let go and just have fun with trying out different products.

And once you find the perfect product for you and your curls — stick to it! 

Good luck ladies, and please let me know in the comments below how these products work out for you!



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