#OverIt Top 5 Telltale Signs You’re Officially OVER Him

Experiencing a bad break up always sucks, but the beautiful thing about ’em is — the pain that naturally comes with ’em never seems to last forever .

Here’s the top 5 telltale signs that you’re officially OVER your ex:

1. You find yourself no longer lurking on his social media

Lawdt. Probably the most embarrassing yet addicting thing us females do during and after the relationship…

We are SO nosey — and mostly all of us are guilty of it. It just comes naturally…


So you know you’re definitely over it when you can fight and resist that urge to see what pointless tweets he’s putting up that day.

Shoot, that’s more than likely why y’all broke up in the first place anyway — cause he’s SIMPLE!


2. You’re not pressed for his attention anymore 

Ever peep your ex in the club then quickly reapply your lipstick, wait for him to peep you, fluff your hair, and bust out the meanest twerk you got just to remind ’em what he’s missing real quick?

And almost blew your dern back out doing it??

Girl, no worries. We’ve all been there chile.

giphy (4)

When you’re not pressed to see him or his name pop up on your phone anymore — that’s when you know you’re BACK and in action, girl.

3. You can see him and not wanna slash any more of his tires….

When y’all first break up, seeing your old boo is practically unbearable man — especially if he happens to be out with another chick. SMH.

He is literally the last person you ever wanna see and gosh, don’t you be looking rough too!

That’s the absolute WORST!


But when you can see him in passing, and not have your blood pressure jump through the roof — even feel cool enough to speak and give ’em a lil cute, unbothered wave — GIRL, YOU WON.

4. You can talk about your heartbreak…and actually laugh about it.

When ish first goes down — ain’t no talkin’ bout it bihhhhh!

You betta get outta here with that, leave me ‘lone, LET ME GRIEVE! *sighs*

But when you can finally open up about what happened between you and ya ole boo thang, reflect on it, and realize how funny everything that went down actually was then you know you’re ready to move on.


And this is also a telltale sign that you’ve actually grown and matured as a young woman.

Which leads me to my last and final sign…

5. You finally get that the break up was a learning lesson more than anything

When you get to the point that you finally grasp and understand that the pain you went through was only a lesson given to you to make you a stronger, wiser, and better young woman then you’ve finally come full circle.

You’ll have no beef anymore with your ex — you’ll actually be grateful for him because he allowed you a chance to learn more about yourself and pushed you to grow.

You’ll be at peace with what happened, you’ll be at peace with him and wish ’em the best, but most importantly — you’ll finally be at peace with yourself as a queen moving on to bigger and better things.

And ain’t nothin’ better than that….



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