International Women’s Day: 5 Ladies Who Are Currently SLAYING the Game

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to highlight just a few of the flyest and fiercest ladies in the game right now??

Although this was a very hard decision to make — here’s my top five list of women currently slaying lives and snatching souls right now:


Michelle Obama

We couldn’t start this post off without highlighting our Queen. Our Shero. Our most beautiful, regal, and moisturized First Lady — Michelle Obama.

First Lady Obama doesn’t take her position lightly and utilizes her role to provoke positivity and change within our society.


Through establishing her Let’s Move! and Let Girls Learn campaigns, her undeniable love for her husband and family, and her dedicated devotion to helping America — First Lady Obama motivates, encourages, and inspires black women all over in striving to be the very best we can possibly be.

Honestly I’m just waiting for First Lady Obama to serve us the ultimate plot twist and run for President herself so we can be fortunate enough to have the Obama family in office AGAIN!

We ❤ you!!


I just might be uh black Bill Gates in the makinnnnn’! 

Leave it to Bey to get us ladies all in Formation…

Bey is not playing with a single soul this year — OKAY!

She’s as bold and fierce as ever — currently basking in her blackness and encouraging the rest of us to do the same. From the Formation song and video, to her Black Panther-inspired Super Bowl halftime performance, to her newly rumored album  cover — Bey is yet again snatching souls and sparking necessary conversation all in the same breath.

While of course, chilling court side at every NBA game like she ain’t just shake up the world. Classic Bey.



Keke Palmer

Oh Keke! 

Who would’ve ever thought the young, feisty girl who played the leading role in Akeelah and the Bee would blossom into the sexy, self-assured, and hella accomplished young woman she is today.

From becoming the first African-American Cinderella on broadway, landing a leading role on Grease: Live!, to literally killing her role on new Netflix-hit Brotherly Love — Keke is proving that she’s the same animal, just a whole different BEAST!


And it doesn’t stop there — Keke oozes confidences and continues to inspire others to do the same through her motivational snaps and Instagram videos — utilizing social media in a ridiculously positive way.

Keke proves more and more every day that she is not to be played with and that this is only the beginning of her slayage!

Meagan GoodMeagan-Good--Weinstein-Company-and-Netflix-2016-Golden-Globes-After-Party--01-662x861

There’s honestly nothing more refreshing and inspiring than witnessing the evolution ofmaxresdefault.jpg the lovely Meagan Good…

In finding true love with her husband pastor DeVon Franklin, teaming up together to

produce their new book The Wait, and basking in her strong Christian faith — it’s obvious that Meagan is at total peace with and in control of herself as a woman.

She inspires us to remain patient when it comes to finding love, spend time strengthening our religious faith, and to always look great while doing it!

So happy for you, Meagan. We can all only hope to be as half as fulfilled as you are one day…

EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals



Angela Bassett

Look ladies — it comes a time when you really just have to give credit where credit is due….

And Mrs. Bassett deserves that credit hunty!!

She has been servin’ us look — after look — after look this year and is literally snatching souls so gracefully that she just had to be in our top 5 list.

I mean look at her — what 57-year-old you know who looks that dern good?!


She is literally the living testimony that black definitely don’t crack — OKAY!!tumblr_inline_nadrh5d7B11qaxug9

On top of that — Mrs. Bassett has beautifully captured black women’s lives in film since her defining break in the 80’s — and looks even more stunning while doing it!

We really want you to know that your class, poise, and breathtaking melanin does not go unnoticed!!

To all of these beautiful black queens — we admire you, love you, appreciate you, and most importantly — we thank you!!



Happy International Women’s Day, ladies!

Who’s your top 5?? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: 5 Ladies Who Are Currently SLAYING the Game

  1. ShaniceSW says:

    Megan Good is definitely killing the game. I read their book; literally made me contemplate becoming celibate. I also worked Essence’s 9th Black Women in Hollywood event and met her, she’s so sweet and her skin is flawless! Her and DeVon compliment one another so well! My top five would be (no specific order):

    1. Debbie Allen. Her greatness is often overlooked. She has produced so many shows; The Fresh Prince, A Different World, Being Mary Jane, Grey’s Anatomy, not to mention her many accomplishments in the dance world and acting.
    2. Regina King. She slags behind the scenes in Hollywood.
    3. Nina Shaw. She’s the lawyer to many black celebrities.
    4. Phylicia Rashad. She was the perfect tv mom! So humble and gracious. I can tell she’s like that in real life.
    5. Gabrielle Union. Self explanatory. Her and her husband are goals, lol.

    Love your list! I’m looking forward to more posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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