YASSS! 5 Fictional Characters Who Could’ve Been Bae In REAL Life…

Although they weren’t real — I know I’ve had a few characters I’ve came across growing up who could’ve definitely been bae in REAL life if they wanted to…


Here’s my top 5 — lets get into it!


Young Gene Donovan

Who remembers Young Gene Donovan from Seventeen Again?

Lawd. Y’all, when I say this was my first little crush — ugh — I really mean it.

I swear, I was no where near even liking boys at the time this came out on Disney Channel but I definitely knew what fine looked like and that fake grandpa right there was. ALL. of. that.



Quincy McCall

Being that I hooped nearly ALL of my life — of course I was in love with Quincy from Love & Basketball.

The swagger, the charm, the athleticism…in my heart, this man was seriously my future husband.

To this day, I still lowkey think I’m Monica and literally know every line from this movie to prove it!



I laugh more than I breathe most of the time so a funny dude in my life is beyond necessary — and what better guy than Martin himself?

Besides his lil jokey jokes — Martin was truly dedicated to his craft and his love for Gina was seriously undeniable…

Qualities that are so essential in a great man.


Ghost and Tommy 

Am I wrong for loving two men…on the same show, y’all??

Well, look…If I’m wrong — I do not wanna be right chile.

Gosh, Ghost and Tommy from Power are literally the most perfect on-screen combo.

Ghost gives off that hella attractive clever, smooth, calculated vibe. While Tommy is that trained to go, ride or die rough neck type with all the swagger in the world.

I literally melt every time I see both of these two in action.

Ugh. It ain’t Monday, but I’ll always be crushing on these fine fictional men…

Who are your top 5 fictional baes, lemme know in the comments below!



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