#MarchMadness What To Take Away from Kehlani, Kyrie Irving, & PARTYNEXTDOOR’s MESSY Love Triangle

Oh my laaaaawwwdddd — just when it felt like entertainment news couldn’t get any slower– Kehlani, Kyrie Irving, and PARTYNEXTDOOR done jumped out the cut like:


In case you haven’t been tuning into social media lately — B.Nicki’s got you with the TEA!

Singer Kehlani‘s been dating Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving since January and it looked like things were going great between these two….


…..Or, so we all thought…..

Welp. Photos just surfaced of Kehlani laid up in bed with a celeb….and lets just say it wasn’t her baller boyfriend. Oop!

It was actually with her ex boo PARTYNEXTDOOR!

Super Oop!

I kid you not, chile — PND very pettily took to his Instagram account with this incriminating photo and caption before quickly deleting the tea:


After all her shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed


Lawdt. Now I’m almost positive this situation will get far worse before it ever gets better but just to help y’all out during this extremely messy time — here’s what you should take away from Kehlani, Kyrie Irving, and PND’s March Madness:

Anything that happens in the dark has hella potential to come back to light. 

Nobody’s perfect and everybody messes up for sure. But on the other side of that, you gotta always pick your L’s in life and pick ’em wisely….

If you are ever the least bit uncomfortable with the world possibly knowing the L you’re currently considering taking then I guarantee you that’s a telltale sign you should NOT be doing it.

Follow your gut. Listen to your conscience. And think before you get busy.

(Just being real, y’all.)

It’ll spare you the embarrassment and most importantly — those around you the hurt.

Cause no matter what, Kyrie did NOT deserve to go out like that….

No matter what — cheating is NEVER okay.  

Lets be real — we have no freakin’ clue of the exclusive details regarding both Kehlani and Kyrie’s relationship. And we never will — unless they decide to spill the beans and tell us.

We don’t know their problems together, we don’t know their struggles together, we don’t know their life together — but one thing we all know for sure is….

Kehlani’s ass cheated therefore Kehlani’s ass is triflin’ in this situation — by default!

Whether we wanna try to believe it or not — there is really no valid excuse for cheating on your significant other. Period.

The person who cheats will always be viewed as the bad guy no matter what because it makes no sense…it’s always better (and more respectable) to be real, say how you feel, and just end the relationship before stooping as low as to cheat.

I really don’t see how Kehlani’s gonna be able to get out of this one chile…ESPECIALLY since she decided to delete her Instagram account right after all this tea came out — that just spells G-U-I-L-T-Y. SMH.

Be careful about who you deal with… 

Can we just take the time to address how freakin’ PETTY and WILD PND was for putting Kehlani out on social media like he did for a second?!

Now don’t get me wrong — I am in no way, shape or form defending Kehlani’s messy behavior but I still think what PND did was hella low, malicious, and revealed that he is a complete CHILD.

No grown man I know would ever stoop as low as taking to social media to expose his personal business such as his sexual affairs. If anything, he’d be mature about the whole situation and go straight to the person he’s bitter towards — Kyrie.


PND clearly had an agenda when getting back with Kehlani and was clearly coming for Kyrie’s head with that one. That’s little boy behavior though — what are we? Still In high school?! SMH.

That’s why no matter the relationship — whether it’s friendship, dating, casual sex, serious commitment, marriage, whatever — you have to be extra extra extra careful and cautious about who you decide to involve yourself with….

Or otherwise, you’ll be looking just like miss Kehlani is now….simple.

These celebrities are just like us at the end of the day 

Lets never get it twisted y’all — these celebrities are just like us at the end of the day. They all have problems, they all make bad decisions, and they all have drama just like everyone else.

Do not let this glitz and glam fool you.

And if you ever get to thinking that fame is the greatest thing out here in this world — read this post again and think twice!

Cause it’s one thing when you’re not famous and got drama — but if you are famous?!


Best believe, all of your tea and more will be spilling out in the streets on a blog just like this one!

NOBODY is safe out here in these streets! 

It’s sad to say but ain’t nobody safe in 2016 — don’t ever get too comfortable when it comes to your boo cause if Kyrie’s fine-athletic-hella gifted-millions of dollars having self can get cheated on….

So can any of us! OKAY! 

Listen to me and listen to me good:

Guard your man. Guard your girl. Cause they cheating on everybody out here! SMH.


Now run and tell THAT!



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